Today at a Q&A for fashion and design students with Opening Ceremony founders Carol and Humberto and filmmaker Spike Jonze in the Ace New York lobby, we learned that Carol and Humberto first forged their lifelong friendship on their way to a Weird Al Yankovich concert — that is, Carol caved after a strong campaign from Humberto convinced her it would be great. For ten years, they’ve been doing the same for us — finding cool shit, loving it hard and sharing it with the world, no matter how weird or off-beat it may at first appear (and remain). They are both human fountains of joy and openness and being their friend and neighbor is beyond inspiring.

We’re very honored to host the Opening Ceremony team again tonight in the lobby for Fashion’s Night Out in honor of a full decade of effervescent brilliance and beauty from Carol, Humberto and their best friends, as they sign their new book and oversee a few hours of K-Pop-inspired chaos including makeovers, karaoke hosted by Solange Knowles and high concept manicures to celebrate their new country of the year. See you tonight.


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    Opening Ceremony wird zehn. Deshalb gibt’s jetzt auch ein Buch über den Hipster-Laden. Hier das Teaser-Video dazu. Süß.
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    I love happy endings.
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